Mastering Your Essence

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

"Live up to your potential instead of imitating someone else's," (Martha Burgess)

In this generation of social media, everyone is so caught up trying to be a carbon-copy of someone else that they lose contact of who they truly are at heart. 

Lifestyle vs. Passion
Social media makes everyone want to be a youtuber, a makeup guru, an artist, a comedian, and so on and so forth. But before you guys try to drag me, spare me and allow me to elaborate on that statement.

 My program director told me once: 
"If the glitz and glamour of it all was stripped away from it would you still pursue it?

So my question to you is are you pursuing what you're pursuing because of the lifestyle or are you pursuing what you're pursuing because it is truly something that you have a burning passion for. Owing to the fact that social media makes us admire the lifestyle of these influencers, we almost forget the workload that is required of it.

"You have to fancy the work that is required just as much as you do the lifestyle"

Comparatively, that is why a lot of people start Youtube channels and don't post in a consistent manner or at all because in order to get those desired "views" it calls for you to be consistent and hard-working and most people can't live up to those expectations.

Like Wendy Williams said in her Live Leadership Talk, "You have to study the behind the scenes of your desired career." That is absolutely true because the lifestyle may look glamorous but there are a lot of sleepless nights, overtime work, and a whole lot of hustling that needs to be put in. But as I would tell anyone if you're truly passionate about something hard work and consistency comes naturally; being lazy isn't an option.

Mastering Your Essence: First They Laugh, Then They Copy
I remember being a freshman in Highschool (2012) and I had dark, aesthetically pleasing photos on my Instagram. I loved my feed up until one day a person told me that my feed was weird and too old school.
[It was at this moment that I f***ked up]
I thought to myself, "well maybe that person is right," so I changed my Instagram feed back to what everyone else was doing. In the means of me compromising, a good friend of mine (Quadir) told me that I should stick to that vibe because, "Eventually everyone is going to want to hop on that wave sooner or later," and he was absolutely right. 

People don't understand your vision until it becomes something that is sought after and soon enough it becomes something that they imitate. I know you're aware of the common saying, "First they laugh, then they copy." However, an original is worth more than a copy. So my advice to anyone who is trying to master their own essence the key is to honestly stay true to yourself and not to compromise to the norms of society. 
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