Wendy Williams: Live Leadership Talk

Thursday, October 26, 2017

How You Doin'
When I got the email from Career Services stating that Wendy Williams was coming to Montclair State for a Leadership Talk, without any hesitation, I bolted to get my Eventbrite ticket. To know that Wendy Williams was coming to my school I was so surprised because being at a PWS (Predominantly White School) how often is it that you see a person like yourself, most importantly a Black Woman, talking to students about their success story? Not many. 

Wendy's Background Information
Of course many of you guys know that Wendy is a woman of many trades; she is an actor, a radio personality, fashion designer, author, and is also the host for her daytime show, 'The Wendy William Show.' While attending college at Northeastern University, Wendy majored in Communication and minored in Journalism. She was greatly influenced by media personalities Michelle Marsh, Chee Chee Williams, Sue Simmons, and Frankie Crocker. In-between time, she was able to land a solid internship with Matty in the Morning (Kiss 108). With her fiery passion to be successful, Wendy was the only person out of her group of friends who secured an actual career upon leaving college making $11,000 yearly. Contrary to her friends who ended up working retail store post college. Ultimately, Wendy stressed that in college, 'You have to be on your P's and Q's and #BossUp,' and with instilling that in yourself will help you acquire all that you desire.

What is your VISION?
In the leadership talk, Wendy mentioned something that stuck out to me most. 
She said, 'What is the lifestyle that you want to live?' 
This statement resonated with me because lifestyle is important. In other words, however you vision yourself long term will definitely remind you of the hard work and energy that is required of you to put in to get there. And of course, you'll have those people who are DREAMERS that talk about the life they WISH to live and then you have the GO-GETTERS who WORK for that lifestyle. So Where do you stand? Are you a DREAMER or A GO-GETTER? 

Plough A Lone Furrow
"Clear the path so that you can walk your truth, but that walk is most of the time lonely as hell," (Wendy Williams). 99.9% of the time you have to weather the storm that life hits you with by your lonesome. But truth be told, you have learn to access on your own and learn to be your own best friend.

The Hunter Foundation
Outside of media, Wendy and her husband, Kevin Hunter, came together and established a non-profit charitable organization that gives back to those who are in great need. This foundation also supports and partners with programs that deal with drug addictions, poverty, homelessness, the LGBTQ community, and services that provide shelters and food. 

For More Information On The Hunter Foundation Click The Link Below:

In close, Wendy's overall presence and delivery on stage was beyond amazing. Thank you for dropping gems to the people who aspire to be their own boss especially in the field of Entertainment. 

See you at the top Ms. Wendy.

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