Acknowledging: Queen Nefertiti

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

"Some women fear fire and some women become it," r.h. sin

Queen Nefertiti was the only Queen of Egypt to take on the role as a Pharaoh while possessing immense beauty. 
Do you know how strenuous it is for women today to carry such power and grace all in concert? 
She embodies femininity to the fullest extent. All of which includes: Beauty, Power, and Respect. And it is of those characteristics that I passionately feel that every woman should personalize in a male dominate industry. Do not misconstrued what I'm conveying and spend your whole life trying to do what God designed men to do. You are a woman and that alone is your power. 

The most dangerous creatures in the world are women and ONLY a smart man knows this. 

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